All you need to know about water meters

All you need to know about water meters

Some customers are looking to pay for the amount of water they use whereas others prefer the peace of mind of a set annual charge, regardless of their usage. That¡¯s why we offer you the choice of having a water meter fitted.

This section is packed full of information about water meters to help you decide. If your home is new or you¡¯ve moved into a home which has had a meter for over a year then unfortunately it¡¯s not possible to have the meter removed.

Applying for a water meter

Apply for a water meter online and find out how whether you can arrange for your meter to be removed

For existing customers, if you decide you¡¯d like a water meter installed we normally do it for free, provided that we can fit it in our preferred location. If you¡¯d like us to fit the meter in a different location there is a charge of £86.84 + VAT.

If, when we survey your property, we can¡¯t fit a meter or the installation would involve a lot of expense or disruption, we¡¯ll contact you to discuss the options available.

All our metering work is carried out by approved contractors, usually either a company called strongO Services Ltd or Morrisons Utility Services, and is guaranteed for 12 months.

Calculating how much metered water costs

Calculate how much water you use and see whether it¡¯s worth installing a water meter

Before you decide whether or not to install a water meter you may want to know roughly how much your water will cost.

Alternatively, if you¡¯ve already got a meter then you might be interested to know how much you can expect to be charged for the year, assuming you use an average amount of water.

Average annual metered charges

The table below shows the average annual metered charges for water and waste water services based upon the number of people in a household. The figures include standing charges and are valid for 2009/10. Please remember that our prices are reviewed annually.

Reading your water meter

Find your water meter and learn how to read it and when, with the help of our audio guide

How to read your meter

We only require the black numbers from your meter, these represent the cubic meters you¡¯ve used. Please ignore the red digits. When completing our form please complete all five fields placing zeros at the beginning.

We only advise you to read internal meters and even then, only when it¡¯s safe to do so. Meters that are fit externally under manhole covers should not be lifted without the correct equipment so please give us a call if you need some help. Understanding how water metering works

Find out how your charges are calculated

Our meters record in cubic metres and measure how much water we¡¯ve supplied to your home.

This means that when you receive your bill, you pay for the amount of water you¡¯ve used, plus standing charges and sewerage charges. Charges will normally start from the date we install the meter, and we¡¯ll credit or refund any overpayments you¡¯ve made against your non metered charges.

Submit a water meter reading

Send us your latest water meter reading online

Finding your customer reference number.You can find your customer reference number (sometimes referred to as an account number) at the top of your last bill or letter that we sent you. It¡¯s the long number that we need.

Your meter reading

We only require the black numbers (cubic metres)

The date of your reading

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