Cold Water Meter Series

Rotary-vane wet-dial water meter

Rotary-vane dry-dial water meter

Rotary-vane liquid-sealed water meter

Rotary-vane vertical water meter


This water meter adopts the combinatin of needle pointer and digital wheel for indication,which features clear and convenient reading, small start flow, and high measuring precision ect .Among this range,15E-25E water meters can reach the measutig class of ISO04064C.


This water meter is dry-dial.The counting and measuring mechanism are driven by magnectic force,with the combinnation of digital wheel and needle pointer for indication ,convenient for reading ,able to keeo the dial clean in a long time .Ti is a porpular product in the word.


This water meter is a national-level new product .The counter is sealed with a special liquid, featuring small start floe as the we-tdial water meter,and clear reading as the diy-dial water meter .The structure design is advanced and reliable, especially suiable for the pipeliness with pooorquality water .TI is the best water meter product suiable to the national siuation of China.


Vertical water meter is installed verically, can bu used an branch meter, feauturing cinvenient installation and so on. The typea of counter include the needle pointer Type C,wet-dial Type E with the combination of digital wheel and needle pointer for indication of digital wheel and needle pointer for indication.liquid-sealed Type f,and Type E,which are avaiable for customers.

Technival date

1¡¢Flow bound

a¡¢Maximum flow (Qmax)-top limit flow for the water meter . during the maxi-mum floe, the water can be used only for a short time . b¡¢Nominal flow (Qn)-the flow for a long time . c¡¢Transitional flow (Qt)- the flow for the water meter to be corrected for error. d¡¢Minmum flow (Qmin)-lower limited flow for the water meter . e¡¢Start flow (Qs)=the flow for the water meter to bengin the continuous indication . At this the water meter does not count the error of indicated value .

2¡¢Error curve

a¡¢The lower zone fron including the minimum (Qmin) to excluding the transitional flow (Qt)£º¡À5% b¡¢The upper zone fron including the transitional flow (Qt) to including the maximun flow (Qmax)£º¡À2%

3¡¢Temperature applicable £º0-30¡æ 4¡¢Nominal pressure £º¡Ü1.0Mpa 5¡¢Pressure loss £º¡Ü0.1Mpa

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