Damaged or Leaking Water Meter

Damaged or Leaking Water Meter

If your water meter is damaged, unable to be turned off or you suspect a leak please contact Council¡¯s Engineering Department on 0086574-88637838 as soon as possible or complete and submit the water leak report by clicking on the link below .

One of Council¡¯s plumbers will investigate the problem and undertake any required repairs.

Residents are responsible for the connection from their water meter to their property. Council maintains the water meter and connection back to the main infrastructure.

Interference with water meters is an offence. Likewise the property owner is responsible for the cost of repair of water meters when meters are damaged by vehicles, lawn mowers etc.

Water meters must always be accessible to Council officers. The owner is also responsible for all of the installation after the water meter.

Often it is difficult to tell if you have a leak. So key signs of a leak include:

  • an unusual green patch of turf near the meter or on the footpath
  • moisture around the meter or a wet patch on the footpath
  • water laying in the roadway (outside of rainfall events)
  • sound of running water in a stormwater drain (outside of rainfall events)

Council operates a leak detection program and is committed to reducing unaccounted for water.

The broad goals that Council aims to achieve in respect of water loss management are:

  • reduced leakage levels;
  • to minimise the cost of operating the water supply;
  • to defer capital expenditure on augmentation works; and
  • to ensure that water tariffs are equitable for consumers.
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