Electronic smart meter raises the question

Recently, in Harbin city a large number of IC card smart meter into waste table news once again draw attention of electronic smart meter.

  There are media reports, Harbin since 1998 IC card meter experimental work, as at the end of 2006, a total of 13 000 blocks installed. But according to Harbin for drainage group water supply company preliminary statistics, Harbin installed IC card meter has over 3 million into waste table.

  IC card water meter is a smart meter, it can automatically deposits within water card, automatic metering of water supply, eliminate staff the trouble of entering the meter reading, the original one floor of the user¨s own "big water". water meters manufacturers Such an impact on the residents and water supply Department has benefits, and easy-to-saving advanced products, why is deactivated? design deviation measurement function have residents reflect, install electronic smart meter, Kari obviously had the money, then suddenly shut off; there are IC card meter battery does not cross the border, use two or three years after he damaged, causing the water meter stopped; the quality of the IC card water meter is not up to the magnetic plug with three to four times after they no longer use.

  For many years engaged in measuring instruments and development of Shenzhen xingyuan dingxin technology co., Ltd. Technical Director, senior engineer Li Wei, technically, electronic smart meter automatic meter reading systems are used to count pulse table pulse, in this way, their reliability telemetering depends on pulse sent out letters, pulse signal table transfers and the reliability of the system of measurement. The reality proved that these aspects of reliability is not guaranteed ". Technical principle determines the event table from mechanical vibration, external electromagnetic interference, power supply problem, the tables turned on its head, signal magnet demagnetization problem, the tables from accuracy will suffer; if pulse signal transmission line failure, or line quality is not good also will inevitably cause your system to count error; in addition, accessories such as batteries, valve will directly affect the quality of the water meter, but in the quality of these parts do not work well.

  Since these systems design congenital deficiencies and quality is not up to the mark, on the use of such a meter directly as the basis for charging, inevitably lead to endless trouble.
Measurement management out of control in addition to technical shortcomings, management of confusion is also developing electronic smart meter of bottlenecks. Harbin and yinchuan¨s case, there are manufacturers have money installed lose, water meter damage no one solved the problem. Li Wei-analysis, as table, line, system, device independent of the ownership and management, water, electricity, gas Management Department, property companies, developers, manufacturers and their respective responsibilities, rights and interests of relationship is not clear, causing a shelf life of maintenance funds, cause the system not be timely maintenance and repair, and the user therefore lose protection.

  On the other hand, Water meters, electricity, gas table is compulsory verification of measuring instruments, however, because of lack of technical standards, to reading system first verification is currently only stay in test pulse measurement of mechanical properties of the table level, rather than addressing the overall test system is doing. But the actual reading system, its measurement capabilities required by table, line, system, device interaction with.

  Li Wei-analysis, to resolve an intelligent meter system measurement accuracy and reliability issues, technological breakthrough is the premise. She believed that, in recent years developed a direct-to-read tables and reading system, the feasibility and applicability of the advantages of this system or the system for electronic smart meter extension provides a good solution.

  In the management, the Faculty of social sciences, Professor in Harbin Dong hongyang suggested that the Government should play a leading role, should develop appropriate policies on the one hand, be supporting, clearly related departments responsible for implementation of rights; on the other hand the market access mechanism, strict checks, bidding, and require the manufacturer part margin, strengthen the withholding of supervision, the warranty period if an abandoned tube phenomenon, this part of the margin can be used to repair a problem of water meters, and ensure the smooth implementation of the project.

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