How to Read a Digital Water Meter

Reading a digital water meter is a simple way to track water usage. Knowing your water usage is one way to determine if conservation efforts have been successful. For example, reading a digital water allows users to track the impact of water conserving shower heads and the use of harvested rain water to water the lawn. Monitoring a water meter can also help identify leaks via unexplained spikes in usage rates.

Step 1 Determine when the water billing cycle starts and plan to read the meter on the first day of a new billing cycle. This allows you to verify the accuracy of the water company¡¯s bill.
Step 2
Locate your water meter. Typically, they are outside either on the side of your house or located out by the curb under a concrete or plastic cover. Sometimes water meters are found in the basement.
Step 3
Remove the cover if the water meter has one.
Step 4
Find the numbers on the digital water meter. Ignore any needles or dials as those are for testing purposes.
Step 5
Record the numbers.
Step 6
Check the meter again at the end of the next billing cycle and record usage.
Step 7
Subtract the first reading from the second to find out how much water has been used.
Step 8 Reconcile your water usage figures with those on your bill to determine if the water bill is accurate.

Tips & Warnings

Water meters measure usage in cubic feet, cubic meters or gallons. Call your water company for assistance on reading and finding your water meter. To determine if there are any leaks, turn off all water sources and then check to see if the red leak indicator is moving. If it is, you have a leak.

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