How to Read a Water Meter for Newark

The Newark City Water and Sewage department serves about 36,000 customers throughout the city with the objective of providing safe drinking water to residents. In the city of Newark, New Jersey, your water meter is usually located at the curb in front of your residence. The water meter will record how much water your household has utilized during month. Understanding how to read your water meter will help you verify the accuracy on your monthly billing statement and to track how much water you are using if you are trying to conserve.

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  1. 1

    Look at your water bill from the preceding month and find the date of you last meter reading, located at the top of the bill on the right-hand side.

  2. 2

    Read your water meter on this date the following month to get an accurate reading. The water meter will have a dial on is that resembles the odometer in you car. You will see on arrow on the dial and as the dial turns, the arrow will point to a higher number indicating more water usage. Water meters in Newark, measure water in cubic feet with one cubic foot equating to 7.48 gallons of water.

  3. 3

    Look at the center of the dial and you will see some numbers. These numbers indicate cubic feet used. Write down the number, leaving off the last two digits. That is the current usage to date.

  4. 4

    Compare the number to your last reading. Subtract the last reading from the current reading to determine the amount of water used over the past month. This number should match the next water bill you get from the Newark Water and Sewage Department.

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