How to Read the House Water Meter

Typically there are two basic reasons that you might want to read your water meter. You may want to know exactly how much water you use in a certain amount of time (say, a week). Or you might be checking your plumbing system for a leak. Turn off all of the faucets in your house and then check your meter. If it's still running, then you have a leak somewhere. Reading water meters is not difficult at all and can be accomplished by any homeowner.Water meters water meters manufacturers,Water flow meters, Plastic water meters


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    Locate your water meter. In many warmer climates, the meter is located outside near the curb, sometimes housed in a concrete box or buried flush with the ground in the yard. In colder climates, you'll most likely find the water meter inside in the basement near the main shutoff valve.

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    Read the digits under the words "cubic feet" if your meter is one of the newer, straight-reading meters. Most meters are of this design and are quite easy to read. The number you read will be the number of cubic feet of water that has passed through the meter since it was installed (most water companies bill in units of 100 cubic feet).

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    Read each of the dials as a separate number if you have a round-reading meter. The small dials are labeled "100,000" to "one foot," and the lower of the two numbers that the needle is between is the number you read for that dial. Read the "100,000" first, then the "10,000," then the "1,000," all the way down to "one foot."

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