Smart ladder important application of IC card water meter

With the continuous progress of human society, accelerating the process of industrialization and the rapid development of urban construction, which gave urban water supply and water management of the osprey unprecedented power. Therefore, freshwater resources, effective and rational development and utilization has become an important issue worldwide, most cities in the country are facing a serious lack of water situation in many areas are facing water collection difficult, people are paid from the contingent use of water resources sex is not high, water disputes El increasingly serious impact on industry, construction. To ease the contradiction between water supply, scientific, accurate and safe control of water, to achieve standardization, automation management, so the researchers successfully developed a Ic card prepaid water meters and sale of smart water management systems. The product is new, measuring precise control, simple operation, easy installation, suitable for a variety of domestic water meters currently in use matching, is to automate the management of piped water ideal.

The composition of a smart IC card

Smart IC card water meter from the automatic controller, smart IC card, electromechanical integration control valve, water meter and water sales management system, five major components. Water metering automation controllers (abbreviated) is a core component of intelligent water meter, which is south of a super-small computer control system, the internal use of single-chip computer technology, sensor technology, automatic control technology combined with traditional meter, for precise metering of water consumption control, the controller chip, at-line design, circuit layout and design, with pseudo-knowledge, anti-theft, LCD display, clock control, sound and light tips and many other functions, carry out interference ability, high reliability, measurement accuracy.

Smart IC card water meter used in Ic is internationally used IC card data memory can not only write the pre-buying of water, any data, but also conducted a security encryption and self-error correction. The entire card fine and generous, the user is extremely easy to use.

Mechatronics water control valve is an important implementation of the intelligent water meter parts, it receives instructions issued by controllers to provide an accurate and timely implementation of the switching valve action, to open, cutting off water supply purposes. The valve design sophistication, the internal structure of compact, simple, small and exquisite appearance, beautiful and generous person family easy installation.

Water sales management system consists of computers and ancillary equipment, composition of the support of a dedicated software, may be for sale operations and systems management. Purchase of water can create a user file, the situation analysis of sales, print sales vouchers and day, month, annual statistical reports and so on, the user can analyze the situation of water and found that the problem audits. The system has put an end to cheating and forgery within the card functions, the operatorӮs smart card operation of automated anti-delete, can identify abnormal imitation Weika and controls the use of marking. Perfect man-machine dialogue system interface design, operation and concise easy to learn, sales and service quality and high efficiency.

2 Technical Performance

2.1 Accuracy class: measurement properties in line with rotor type water meter GB/778-96 standards. (See Table 1)
2.2 In the overload traffic, water meter pressure loss is less than 0.1MPa
2.3 meter indication error
Flow from the smallest to the low flow rate does not include boundaries of district ”Ą 5%;
Including the boundaries to include the traffic from the overload of high traffic areas ”Ą 2%:
2.4IC card data retention period of more than 50 years, the usage of more than 10000 times:
2.5 Electrical Parameters: Built-in power supply voltage of 3.6VDC, maximum current is less than 50mA, T for currents less than 5mA, quiescent current is less than 50uA.

Three main functions of

3.1 Pre-Pay Function: Ic card input water, the meter automatically open the valve?
3.2 Automatic Billing: According to monthly water usage each segment corresponding to charging reasonable prices, the user can always see.
3.3 Tip feature: in the remaining water is less than 20 yuan automatically close the valve when the water meter to remind the user timely refill, this time through their card users can open the valve.
3.4 1 a card: the exchange of use of Weika is liable, on sale throughout the water system, fuzzy control monitoring.
3.5 Low-voltage protection function, when the battery voltage is less than 3.1V, the liquid crystal display CI OSE said the low-voltage, when the voltage is less than 2 9V automatically close the valve.
3.6 The use of Weika, the meter automatically recognizes the pro-show ERROR.
3.7 Water conditions shows that a user card inserted, followed by shows this month, water consumption, water consumption last month, leaving the amount of water this month, last month, water charges, this purchase water amount, date, time, good.

4 Use

4.1 before use Please read the instructions.
4.2 Please meter cock down anti-clockwise rotation, there will be water Ic Card arrests its own water meter jack.
4.3 meter displays OPEN to open the valve, and then display the water this month, last month, water consumption, the remaining amount of water this month, last month, water charges, this purchase water amount, date, time, good, that the water fee has been entered correctly.
4.4 If it is Weika when the display Error.
4.5 after use please remove Ic card, otherwise there is power consumption.
4.6 After the Qing do not forget to water meter cock tightened to prevent water and moist air into the electrical box.
4.7 Each purchase of water before inserting the user card view the message that the good only after Result.

5 Notes

5.1 installation should be preceded by cleaning pipes left behind by the sand, ramie and other debris.
5.2 installation position to avoid prolonged sun exposure, flooded, frozen and pollution, O ”ę above ambient temperature, relative humidity less than 93%.
5.3 Use the water temperature 0 ~ +40 ”ę.
5.4 The pressure does not exceed 1Mpa

6 prospects

In China, due to a vast territory, large population and unbalanced development of different localities. Overall, the domestic management of the vast majority of users still using less efficient technology is relatively backward with a traditional meter, only the big cities in the economically more developed residential area in the trial Remote water meter. Many domestic small and medium cities and counties concerned, because of its computer and information technology-based services are inadequate, in a longer period of time, the application card prepaid water meters is more practical. While the more economically developed cities, its computer and information technology infrastructure better, and people on water resources protection and conscious awareness of the relative strength of payment for water consumption for the quality requirements. However, the overall situation, the domestic application of intelligent water meter is still in its infancy, with the state for energy and environmental protection, full attention in recent years, water utilities are a lot of development, the user water distribution network of about 2,000 million, and the is still increasing year by year, in such 11 kinds of circumstances, promote the use of intelligent water meter, change management model, will bring huge social and economic benefits.
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