Industrial Water Meters

Large industrial water meters have always been synonymous with reduced precision at low flows, serious deterioration throughout their working lives and high head loss. The CZWS series industrial water meters use a revolutionary design to combat the typical issues related to industrial water meters. The CZWS series industrial water meters use a turbine system that is placed in the upright position inside the meter. The plastic (polystyrol) deposition-proof turbine rests on a stainless steel shaft using a sapphire bushing with great hardness and resistance to continuous work. This combination of materials and the industrial water meter¡¯s special hydrodynamic design make the water meters perform perfectly at low flows. The industrial water meters also experience much lower head loss values during high working conditions. When the turbine of the CZWS series industrial water meter rotates on its shaft, it draws a small disc which, by means of a simple magnetic system, takes that movement to the dry part of the meter. Thanks to several optical sensors with output phototransistors, that movement is translated into digital data, which the electronic microprocessor manages, stores and translates into statistical data.

Reading the industrial water meter
The industrial water meter uses two ways to read the flow data stored on it. The visual or traditional reading is done through the display that the industrial water meter has on the upper part, protected with a small metal cap. The digital display will show the water consumption, any abnormal water flow including the possibility of leaks in the pipe, detection of possible faults in the electronic circuit, and battery status. The batteries are large capacity lithium type, which should last more than 12 years depending on water consumption. The industrial water meter can also be read electronically with a local PC or modem. Reading the industrial water meter electronically will provide the serial number of the meter or meters read, the day and time when the last meter reading was made, the date and time of the current reading, the water registered by the meter at the last reading, the water registered by the meter at the current reading, the time the meter registered passage of water, the time the meter did not register passage of water, the time the meter was registering a consumption of an abnormally reduced water flow volume, the number of times the meter has registered passage of water, the battery state, and the number of meters being read. All this data is stored in the industrial water meter¡¯s memory, so there is no need for any auxiliary equipment. The information always stays in the memory being permanently updated. The information stored on the meter will show water consumptions that are statistically outside normal consumption. This information can be used to detect leaks and schedule follow up service or appointments with the client. In addition to all of the other features the industrial water meter includes a clock-calendar in real time, which will enables the water consumption data to be related to time. The real time feature allows the CZWS series industrial water meters to provide indexed data based on the time frame selected. It also allows the industrial water meters to alarm for excess water consumption. The water meter can also be configured to record the volume of water consumed during a specified period.

Connecting to the industrial water meter
The industrial water meters output data as printable ASCII codes that are transmitted through an electric wire, which can be connected to other water meters, sent to an individual external reading point, or modem. Taking advantage of this capacity, the industrial water meters can be joined together so that at one single point (the first or last meter or at a reading point) the user can extract totally error-free information up to 50 industrial water meters both quickly and safely (with a multiplexer up to 400 meters). A telephone modem or GSM can be used at the reading point, the user will have access to all the information from each of the industrial water meters from anywhere just by dialing that telephone number.

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