Installation of new Smart Meters

Installation of new Smart Meters
Water is a precious natural resource and one that we should use carefully and wisely.

To help conserve water Council is in the process of replacing outdated manual read water meters in your community by installing new Smart Water Meters. Your new Smart meter is a standard water meter connected to a device that allows electronic reading of the meter.

A Smart meter is capable of being read remotely and upon inspection you will notice the water meter has an additional box structure attached. This is the digital or telemetering box which allows the remote reading of the meter.

Council has decided to install smart meters for a number of reasons. The remote read capabilities of Smart meters offer a faster and more efficient reading method than conventional meters and as such allows for more regular read periods, if required, to assist residents in managing their water usage. Smart meters are accurate and can assist with the early detection of leaks reducing undetected water loss.

With the installation of Smart meters Council aims to reduce water loss by up to ten per cent per annum. By continuing to use water carefully and wisely we can delay the major expense of constructing additional infrastructure such as bores, pipe lines, and water treatment plants.
Council has developed a 10 year plan to replace all manual read water meters with new Smart Meters.

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