Meter prospects

1 meter high measurement level
With the measurement of the high level of water meters, water meters, including minor traffic allows, including a large flow range, from fundamental to truly improve the sensitivity of the meter and metering capabilities. Piston (also known as displacement) the general level meter measurement up to C or D grade, but higher quality requirement. Note: Most countries require the use of international grade B or above to measure the water meter, the domestic industry has canceled Grade A meter measuring the voice. Meter developed in this new international standards and international recommendations, also based on the principle of electromagnetic or electronic work, used to measure water flow meter is also included in the water meter inside.
2 remote outdoor reading copy
Property management and computer combination of water meter remote water meter, meter reading system and meter secondary instrument is matched promising because it improves the Water meters reading copy methods to improve the information technology \ digitization and automation, reducing the use of Multi Jet Water Meter and disturb the user's security concerns. Parts of the country to implement a one table, also used this type of meter.
3 pre-paid water meter class
IC card water meter
Pre-paid water meters for "water after the first payment" principle under the management system. Difficult to charge for water in some areas of China \ Repudiation serious water debts, the use of prepaid water meter class completely changed the meter reading and water consumption of the settlement, avoid intensifying the conflict, while increasing the technological content of water meter products, some of the water companies and property management companies welcomed on this product. Prepaid water meters can be reasonably and promptly collect water, reduce water loss, reduce labor intensity and meter reading activities to avoid inconvenience to the user and insecurity. Typical products include IC card water meter (plug-in or induction), TM card water meter, code switching and other pre-paid water meters.
4. Backflow meter water meter or two-way metering
The current domestic water meter is generally a single flow of water, mostly in reverse flow (also known as the back or reverse flow) can move around and to also reduce the total number of existing institutions does not prevent the water meter water meter seal flip function, so cause a measurement dispute and the possibility of cheating. Backflow in the table at the entrance to the installation of water meters by one-way valve can connect the meter to take over and seal with water to prevent a man-made flip-meter and the possibility of cheating. Two-way metering Plastic Water Meter meter function in the reverse flow meter count is cumulative, and bodies are still in line with the requirements of measurement accuracy. Description: The current national standards for backflow meter or two-way meter does not measure the detailed requirements, only requires water meters to "withstand the unexpected amount of upstream and display this counter."
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