Meter structure principle

The structure of the traditional meter
The internal structure of the traditional meter can be divided into the shell from the outside, the sleeve, the inner core Big Three. Housing is cast iron, the water came out from the inlet through AWWA Standard Meter the lower part of the shell annular space, here called the "room under the ring." In the annular space above the "ring on the Room" and the outlet connected. Sleeve at the bottom there is a filter with small holes, the water filter out debris. There are two rows down the side of the sleeve hole, the hole location is just down the shell of the room facing the ring, obviously, the lower is the water hole, the row is the water hole. Of particular note is that the two rows of holes are placed at an angle along the circle tangent to play. Note down two rows of holes in the opposite direction. Water from the next row of holes along the tangent direction of flow in, is bound to form a rotating flow, which for water meters, it is very important. Inner core is divided into upper, middle and lower-ranking, is seen from the upper windows, only the pointer and dial. Actually, the most critical is the lower, and there are plastic wheels, plastic wheel leaves the edge of many, called "impeller." Impeller location right in the hole formed by the lower casing rotating flow, the current rush to round-week leaves to produce torque, the impeller up. Leading to open the bigger, more urgent water, the impeller to turn faster. "Decimal gear" role is to switch gears every ten laps in the single digits, the tens digit gear on a turn. In other words, digits gear revolution, ten-digit gear on the turn is the circle. Gear is active by single digits, is sufficient to drive tens digit gear. Virtually every one decimal complete with two pairs of gears to make the turn in the same direction, one pair of transmission ratio is 9:30, and the other pair is 10.30, with two of the series, the overall transmission ratio is that two of the product, that is 0.099999, can be approximated as 0.1. On this basis, if you want to read the seven-digit (decimal point before the time scale of four black, three red reading after the decimal point scale), you have to use 12 pairs of gears. Coupled with Multi Jet Water Meter some of the other uses in this small space to squeeze in the middle axis 18 and 34 gears, may be called high-density installation. With its simple and inexpensive type of water meter, wet environment in long-term use without maintenance, and do not supply, power outages do not affect the benefits will still be long service.
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