Need to pay attention to water reform

In the home decoration, water reform is essential programs, and in the budget, all the company's offer is non-hydropower project cost. But in the actual operation of them, according to the actual engineering calculation, so some customers do not understand the quote in the case, random Chaigai utilities, to billing, Rotary Postion Water Meter they find with their imagination far worse, causing the two sides of the dispute, resulting in relations deadlocked, the latter work hard to continue. Therefore, in the water reform project, the aim should be clear, the best to maintain the existing pipeline does not move, according to the designer's design to change, so you have to do a pretty good idea. In addition, you should pay attention to the quality of hydropower projects, now describe the construction of several testing methods and standards.

      First look at the wire construction methods:
 1, electrical product is in line with the standard of qualified products.
 2, electrical wire used flame retardant laying underground pipe, wire in the tube should not knot and kink.
 3, prohibition of direct buried wire layer of plaster.
 4, the "front lines into the switch, the zero line into the head", socket connection should follow the "left-right-fire ground zero in on the" requirement.
 5, air conditioning and electrical power should be a separate set tube (flame-retardant pipe treatment).
 6, power lines, TV cable, phone line may not load the same pipes.
 7, switches, sockets firmly attached, the correct position, the cover upright, close to the wall, surrounded by seamless.

       Electrical engineering installation, should the electrical power, lighting pilot lights, switch control. Plastic water meters After completion of the project, construction should provide wiring diagram showing the wire size and direction.
       Second, the pipeline installation should:
 1, reasonable arrangement of pipes, laying a solid, smooth vertical and horizontal, switches, valves installed flat, flexible and convenient.
 2, water pipes and accessories are connected tightly, no leakage pressure test with water, smooth water, water in normal operation.
 3, the drain should be smooth, non-blocking, no leaks, turn on the water bath should be higher than the bottom, forming the floor drain grate should be slightly lower than the ground.
 4, sanitary installation firm, smooth surface without damage.

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