New water meters coming

by Jerry Tudor
Posted: 01.07.2013 at 9:04 PM,

Updated: 01.08.2013 at 6:45 AM

MARQUETTE -- Residents in south Marquette are getting upgrades to their water meters. The new meters are constructed out of plastic and use new technology to more accurately record water usage. The meters will make it easier for the city to keep track of use, and they can help residents determine if they have a leak.
With the new technology, the city receives water use data automatically. They say this helps them save money as city employees will not have to visit each house to read the meters.
"It¡¯s a very good tool, not only for us but also for helping the residents understand their water usage, so it helps improve our operation tremendously," said Superintendent for Public Works, Scott Cambensy.
The original plan was to have all of the new water meters installed within 10 years. The city is focusing their efforts in south Marquette. You need to schedule an appointment to have the new meters installed. The process takes about half an hour. You can call the city of Marquette water department at (906) 225-8997.
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