Smart Water Meter In China 2012°™Smart water meters and advanced metering infrastructures (AMI) took a big step forward in 2012 on the path to supplanting legacy meters as the dominant way of monitoring energy consumption in homes and businesses in the China.
It was reported that State Grid Corporation of China(SGCC) has installed more than 100 million smart water meters in the end of September 2012. In the first three batches of centralized bidding of 2012, SGCC has bid 58.7 million smart meter. And it is expected that SGCC will bid 8 million smart meter in the fourth batches. And at the end of 2012, SGCC has invested 59.5 billion yuan for smart water meter replacement and water meter reading system building.
At present, AMI system has a rapid development in the world, and the main competition focus on the communication technology. The France G3, the Spanish Prime, the United States IEEE 1901.2 and the International Standard ITU.G.hnem are speeding the standard construction of PLC. China is stepping up Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing(OFDM) protocol standard with the goal of PLC interconnection. The final objective is to promote PLC technology to be conventional communication as WiFi and ZigBee.
Besides, the Chinese smart water meters exports will reach 28.3 million in 2012. Chinese smart meter has excellent performance in the Southeast Asia and the Middle East. And the South America will be the fastest growing region in 2012.
There is no doubt that 2012 was an exciting year for smart water meter development in China. Although as smart water meter become more common in China homes and businesses, the Chinese smart water meter market is still a huge attractive market. Now, Chinese Power Companies pay more attention on the product quality and the metering reliability. As the Smart Grid continues to evolve, the smart water meter highlights look to be equally as exciting.
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