The Price of Water Rise

Wuhan, the price of water raised for the first time within more than six years.
Even if it is expensive penny a ton of water, will have a tremendous impact on people¡¯s life.
Recently, Wuhan City tap water prices hearing, the hearing on behalf of 20 smaller 15 tend residents with water or a plan B., compared to the previous set of programs, residential water new water price per cubic meter difference Three penny .
The date of the hearing, the two sets of prices program price department of Wuhan, Wuhan future water are divided into three categories (residents with water, non-residential water and special water), Which non-residents with water two options are set for water price of 2.35 Yuan per cubic meter, bathing, foot, car washing and other special industry unified transferred to nine Yuan per cubic meter from 4.8 Yuan per cubic meter. Residents with water because of the implementation of the three price ladder since 2006, in accordance with the first level of comparison, the two options, respectively, per cubic meter of water price from 1.8 Yuan per cubic meter was adjusted to 1.55 Yuan per cubic meter and 1.52 Yuan per cubic meter, new water price difference of 3 cents per cubic meter.
Two programs was only 3 cents, as the saying goes, a tank of water drink, also do not care about a bowl of water or enterprise more to help people! "Consumer representatives Li Minghui point out three cents Value of money to the people.
It is reported that since May 2006, the Wuhan City, the price of water has been 1.1 Yuan / cubic meter charge (excluding sewage treatment fee of 0.8 Yuan / cubic meter), after the hearing, Wuhan tap water price may be more than six years first rise. Public opinion Wuhan sitting on the Yangtze River Han River, is rich in water resources, the water tariff for granted. Relevant departments to explain the price of water is determined by flood costs, clean up costs, distribution costs, etc., there is no relationship between the "water-rich" and "low-cost", this statement has been to attend the hearing of representatives of the various aspects of identity.
The price of water problems caused by the Wuhan City wide attention .Monthly water consumption of 20 cubic meters a family of four, for example, the embodiment, a monthly increase of expenditure on water; embodiment, a monthly increase of 8.4 Yuan expenditure on water, ordinary families little pressure, but the people who held the water IC card still start to buy water earlier.
Compared to the changes in household water expenditure, residents are more worried about a chain reaction of water prices, such as car washing, foot massage or nearly doubled in the special industries, the operators have said that if prices scheme by these industries may will prices.

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