The water meter installation

Water meters are fitted internally to all new properties, enabling our customers to easily monitor their water usage. The meter will be wired to an external touchpad, sited in a position allowing us open access for
Reading without entering the property.
Water meters must be fitted where the incoming supply enters each property. This should be immediately downstream of the main controlling stop tap. Applicants must ensure that all water taken from the new supply connection is drawn through the meter. For meters within a property, the best locations are likely to be in the kitchen, utility room or garage. Positions that are, or will become, inaccessible such as behind washing machines, bath panels or other obstructions, should be avoided.
The touchpad, fitted by ourselves, is a plastic surface-mounted fitting, approximately 75mm in diameter and 25mm deep. It will be sited on, or close to, the front of the property, to enable easy access for meter reading purposes. Our meter reading guns energise the touch pads so, they do not require a power supply.
There are two fitting options available for meter installations within a property; these are described in detail below. It is recommended for new build or properties undergoing renovation that the meter and cable is fitted by the developer during the construction stage. An additional charge will be made if you request Severn
Trent Water to carry out the meter and cable installation.
Properties with long customer service pipes and ¡®non property ¡¯ water supplies, such as agricultural troughs and temporary supplies, will have the meter fitted at the boundary. The cost of the installation will be included in the cost of making the connection.
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