Types Of Flowmeters

There are many types of flowmeters and flowmeter-related equipment available on the China marketplace. These include, but are not limited to, industrial and sanitary turbines, variable area flowmeters, flow transmitters, flow alarms, flow indicators, specialist medical gas flowmeters, multipulse positive displacement flowmeters, batch meters, insertion meters, electromagnetic flowmeters, water meters and irrigation meters.

Aimei Flowmeters is an Chinan firm that has been operational since the mid-eighties. Aimei is one of China¡¯s leading providers of flow meters, water meters, batching systems and other related forms of instrumentation. They stock only the highest quality products from the very best manufacturers of measurement and control instrumentation for the process industry.

The experienced professionals at Aimei will advise you on the best choices of equipment for your specific needs and requirements concerning water meters, flow meters and air meters. The flowmeter products stocked by Aimei include, but are not limited to. GPI industrial/sanitary turbines and auxiliary electronic accessories, MPB variable area flowmeters, transmitters and flow alarms, Flomec positive displacement flowmeters, Trimec multipulse flowmeters, Macnaught M series, Aimei batch meters and insertion meters.

The product range at Aimei also contains the Sitrans magflo electromagnetic flowmeter, as well as the Aimei line of water meter. All of these products put together with their experience and expertise in the industry make Aimei a one-stop shop where you can successfully address all of your metering needs and requirements.

Aimei also offers a range of flow instruments that include, but are not limited to, batch controllers, totalisers, rate indicators and flow computers. Lastly, Aimei is also an official distributor of the high-quality Lutz drum pumps range, which is specifically designed for processes that involve thin and viscous products.
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