Why switch to a water meter?

Pay less for your water

Everyone uses different amounts of water and yet, except for those on a meter, we all pay the same rate, based on the rateable value of our property.

If your household only uses a small amount of water because, for example, everyone is at work during the day, then a meter may be the cheapest option for you.

But, if you use a lot of water because you are a keen gardener or have a large family, you may find an unmeasured bill better value.

Who can have a water meter?

Most households in England, Wales and Scotland. However, there are circumstances when a water company can refuse to install a meter if it is unreasonably impractical or expensive to do so - if shared water supply pipes need to be separated, for example.

If it is impossible to have a meter installed, then your water company should offer you an ¡¯assessed charge¡¯ where you pay a bill based on an estimate of your water supply usage or what other metered customers in your area pay, or you can carry on paying an unmeasured bill based on the rateable value of your property.

It¡¯s free to switch

Most people in England, Wales and Scotland have the right to have a water meter installed free of charge. If you request a water meter, your supplier will install it at no cost and you will then be charged for your exact usage. You have the right to ask your water company to switch you back to an unmeasured charge within the first 12 months of installation.

We help you decide whether to switch

By taking a few minutes to provide some information about how you use water, we can calculate whether you could save money with a meter. Our service is impartial and free. So go now to our water switching service.

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