Brits may want to switch to a water meter as prices increase

Brits may want to consider switching to a Water meter if they are struggling to pay their bills, as the prices are increasing.

That is because installing a Water meter could help families reduce their water bills, especially under new proposals.

Earlier this week, environment secretary Caroline Spelman announced the WaterSure scheme, which will see Water meters being capped at the average price of a water bill.

Vulnerable households who use a water meter will find that their water bills are capped at the level of the average bill from the water company. The rest will be paid by the government.

Ms Spelman said: "We know that some households are really struggling with their water bills, particularly in the south-west where people are paying the highest bills in the country.

"Our plans will increase the help available for vulnerable households right across England, with special help for people in the south-west who, through no fault of their own, are battling astronomical water bills during a difficult economic climate."

They can also reduce their water usage by taking showers rather than baths and collecting rainwater for use in the garden.

Other tips issued by the Consumer Council for Water include:

• People should check their bills to see if they are being charged for sewerage. If they have a septic tank they do not need to pay these charges.

• Consumers struggling to pay their bills could be eligible for special tariffs or assistance so they should contact their water provider to find out what help is available.

Consumers can also switch utility providers, such as gas and electricity, with the aid of a price comparison site, which lists the tariffs currently on the market if they are struggling with their energy bills.(

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